The Cost of Lost Car Keys

There are fewer things that can ruin your day than when you can’t find your car keys.  Frantic searching, pocket-emptying, cushion searching and other crazy place searching. Anxiously looking under car seats, handbags and pockets. Perhaps looking through the window of your locked car hoping to catch a glimpse of your lost car keys inside. Normally the first option is to grab a spare set.

But what if you don’t have a spare set and what is the cost of replacing the originals even if you do have a spare set? For starters you should always have a spare set of keys (and remember where you have hidden them) and you could consider attaching an attractive Tag to your key ring and using a lost and found key recovery service like Tag Rescue. Also remember to get new car keys cut if you happen to lose one. The cost is minimal and the benefits are huge. Think of it as insurance for your keys but for the cost of a cup of coffee a year.

The cost of replacing a car key can either be a very expensive or reasonable cost affair. If you have an older car – like a Commodore or Lancer – you could be in luck as an older vehicle key could prove a much cheaper replacement. But brace yourself for the costs of replacing one of the high tech modular keys of a late model vehicle. The combination of security and smart technology make replacing one of these smart tech keys a very costly exercise. You could pay anywhere between $250 and over $1000 for the privilege of misplacing your keys and that’s not to mention the huge inconvenience too. A lot more than Tag Rescue’s subscription service.

With the modern key technology involved in unlocking your car remotely, there’s a lot more to replace if you lose your super-smart key. These remote-unlocking devices are more prevalent today than ever before and are now standard equipment in all Mazda, Toyota, Holden, Volkswagen vehicles. Not only found in in BMW and Mercedes any more. So what can you do to protect yourself when and if you happen to lose your keys?

One solution is to use a lost and found service like Tag Rescue. Tag Rescue provides a secure online lost and found item recovery service. You will get allocated a unique tag ID and when someone reports it found they will notify you so you can arrange to have your item securely returned. The team at Tag Rescue also increase the chance of someone returning your keys by offering the finder a reward for his or her good deed. Everybody wins. Most of the time lost items are not returned to their owner because the finder does not know who the item belongs to. That’s where Tag Rescue comes in. They provide a secure lost and found service. Importantly in today’s times of personal identity theft, the finder of your lost item will never receive your personal details from Tag Rescue. Your identity is protected by a unique tag identification number.

Avoid what can be a very expensive mishap. Even more so if you end up replacing your very expensive keys only for them to be found in a pocket a few days later. You could always try attaching them to a string around your wrist. Or you could visit and for less than $10 start protecting your keys from loss today.

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