Finders Keepers – Losers Weepers

Are you an honest citizen or an overly conscientious do-gooder who wastes local police time? Would you bother to hand in a $5 or a $10 note found on the pavement? Perhaps you would hand in a wallet with money and credit cards. Or a camera. Maybe even a passport or lost dog. $50 on a train or a pair of sunglasses on the beach? What would you do?

Even an honest finder usually doesn’t always want to make this extra effort. Here’s where lost and found services like Tag Rescue make it easy for honest people to return found items to their rightful owners. No queues at the local police station or lengthy forms at lost and found locations. No doubting whether the person you are handing the item over too will even worry to find the owner or just pocket the item themselves after a week of not being claimed. Don’t forget the owner might not even have a clue where to look. There are dozens of places where the item might have been handed in and also there are many websites where people can report found items.

Most of the time lost items are not returned to their owner because the finder does not know who the item belongs to. That’s where Tag Rescue comes in. They provide a secure lost and found service through their website . The finder of a lost item will never receive your personal details as your identity is protected by a unique tag identification number. Tag Rescue also offer a Reward to the finder increasing the chances of getting your lost item back to you safely. Making it easy for honest people to return lost goods back to a very relieved and thankful owner.

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