Never lose your Pet again

Dog owners adore their pets and to many people, their dog is like a child to them.

When a dog runs away, digs its way under a fence, jumps over a fence, or gets loose some other way from its owner, it is a traumatic experience. To help prevent losing a pet forever, the Tag Rescue identification for dogs and other valuables has been created.

With the Tag Rescue Service, you can purchase a tag online for your pet. If someone finds your pet and reports it found, your precious dog could be safely back in your arms in no time. Most often when someone finds a lost pet or other valuable, they do not return it because they are not sure who it belongs to. With this system in place, the person who finds your pet or other lost valuable items can report them found through the Tag Rescue Service.

This safe and secure lost and found service protects your personal information since the finder of your item only sees the unique tag identification number that was provided to you. You will be notified through the smart Tag Rescue system that someone has found your dog or valuable item. You will be provided the finder’s details and within no time you could have your pet back at home with you, safe and sound, or other item returned to you safely. Your personal details are protected at all times.

The Tag Rescue System can be used for an array of valuables and there are a number of product packages available on the website. The prices of each package do vary depending on the type of subscription you choose but all are extremely affordable and worth the peace of mind they provide. The first year’s subscription fee is included in the price of the tags and labels contained in the product package that you have chosen.

The best part of this system is that even if you are out of Australia on vacation or business, the system is still in effect and will work for you and your pet or other valuables. By using this system, not only are your tagged items protected but your private information as well since the finder only sees your Tag Rescue unique identification number versus a label you create that would contain your address and phone number.

Keep your pets and your valuables safe with this unique and effective Tag Rescue Service.